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It won't replace that espresso every morning, but coffee grounds have been found to be chock-full (sorry, we had to do it!) of antioxidants for the skin. And if you're tired of coarse cleansing scrubs that scrub way more than they cleanse, coffee grounds actually make for the gentlest of exfoliators.

No, not Popeye's main squeeze (although equally as strong), olive oil protects skin from premature aging via vitamin E and other key antioxidants. Worried about clogged pores? Olive oil actually penetrates the skin, cleansing your pores from within. Homer once called olive oil "liquid gold". We call it solid skincare.

What?? More oils? But, but, but… these are essential! On a more serious note, essential oils are powerful botanical extracts that have been used for thousands of years – and at Tiger Naturals, we love us some tradition. Did you know vanilla oil acts as an antioxidant AND aphrodisiac? Bless you, nature!

We promise we're not baking cookies here. Canola oil is actually found in all of those ridiculously overpriced beauty products because of the omega fatty acids present. These healthy fats, along with vitamins E and K, keep skin supple while fighting off free radicals that cause those forever frowny face wrinkles.

Shea is like the green tea of soap butters – it does just about everything. From Vitamin A that helps with wrinkles to superior moisturizers that counteract sunburn and skin cracks, pure Shea butter is just one of the many organic ingredients we use in our species-saving soaps.

Coconut oils are a mixture of fats and proteins that keep skin smooth, protected, and in perpetual rejuvenation. This universal ingredient is terrific for your skin, giving you a happy, healthy glow – NOT the scary, radioactive glow you get from those mass-produced Frankenstein soaps.

Beyond our organic ingredients, we strive to be eco-friendly in all aspects of our organization. From recyclable wraps to reusable soap trays, we are always experimenting with ways to leave a lighter footprint. The causes we support also champion our love for all things sustainable - take a peek below if you'd like to know more, or head on over to our products page for some suds on skin action.




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